Sobre El festival @Cannes_Lions 2012

25 11 2011

Del 26 de enero al 9 de marzo del 2012 son las inscripciones de Cannes Lions, se podrán inscribir piezas que hayan salido del 1ero de marzo del 2011 al 30 de abril del 2012. Las fechas de las charlas y la premiación son de la semana del 17 al 23 de junio, les dejamos un adelanto de la agenda:

-Lunes 18 junio 2012: Promo & Activation, PR and Direct Lions Awards
-Martes 19 junio 2012: Creative Effectiveness, Media, Mobile and Outdoor Lions Awards
-Miércoles 20 June 2012: Press, Design, Radio and Cyber Lions Awards
-Sábado 23 junio 2012: Film, Film Craft, Branded Entertainment, and Titanium and Integrated Lions Awards

Más info en Cannes Lions por cierto, rediseñaron su página! 😉

El Campamento Maizoritos

22 11 2011

El Campamento de Maizoritos es lo nuevo que ha hecho Maizoritos. Este campamento virtual que permite al niño aprender mientras se divierte, con retos que deberá ir superando para pasar de una cabaña a otra, hace que aprender sea una tarea divertida y le da hasta la oportunidad de participar por premios. ¿Por qué no había algo así para mis clases de matemáticas o de historia? en fin, La Pandilla de Panas de Maizoritos, son los guías en cada una de las cabañas: Oto en la de aire, Lex estará en la agua, mientras que Tato y Benny estarán en la de selva y bosque respectivamente.

10 comerciales más virales e innovadores del 2010

13 12 2010

Por segundo año consecutivo Josh Warner, presidente y fundador de Feed Company, ha publicado su artículo 10 comerciales más virales e innovadores del 2010 en Mashable una de las principales fuentes de noticias en los medios de comunicación social y digital, la tecnología y la cultura web. Lo interesante de su artículo y la razón por la que me quisimos compartirlo con ustedes que hace un pequeño análisis de cada uno.

1. NSFW. A Hunter Shoots A Bear!

Haz click AQUI para ver la experiencia interactiva completa.

Advertiser: Tipp-Ex

Ad Agency: Buzzman

Why It Works: What if you were a hunter and had to choose between shooting a bear or dancing with it? With a seemingly infinite number of responses to anything clever or dirty you might think of, this video from Tipp-Ex, a white-out tape, takes choose-your-own-adventure style videos to a whole new level. A distinctly old-school product does something brand new on the YouTube platform.

2. Embrace Life

Advertiser: Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

Ad Agency: Alexander Commercials

Why It Works: One of the most innovative videos of the year is a British PSA that encourages people to wear a seat belt. You expect it to be boring, right? But it takes your breath away with simplicity and emotion. It is a welcome respite from traditional scare-tactic PSA’s.

3. Guy Walks Across America

Advertiser: Levi Strauss & Co.

Ad Agency: Conscious Minds Productions

Why It Works: Walking across America should take more than two minutes but this imaginative stop-motion-film from Levi’s definitely makes you want it to last even longer. The 2,770 still photos of a hipster footing it through America’s byways and landmarks clearly strike patriotic chords for a country in search of good news. It even comes with a Google Map that traces the route of the filmmakers.

4. Old Spice Responses

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Why It Works: Not having this as our number one ad is the same reason why you pick someone other than Arcade Fire as your favorite band. It’s just too obvious. But Isaiah Mustafa is, hands-down, this year’s social superstar along with W + K for the Old Spice response videos. All 200+ of them.

5. The Puma Hardchorus

Advertiser: Puma

Ad Agency: Droga5

Why It Works: Millions of men had to choose between soccer and their loved one when major matches fell on Valentine’s Day this year. So Puma put the toughest European footballers in a video to sing a romantic song that would help soccer fans out of their scheduling jam — a brilliant example of doing something nice for your customers. Take a look at the video comments on YouTube for a peek into the psyche of European football.

6. Google Chrome Speed Tests

Advertiser: Google

Ad Agency: BBH

Why It Works: This video shows a race between Google Chrome loading a web page and a potato getting shot through a gun on its way to becoming a French fry. It’s a video for everyone that’s sick of waiting for web pages to load in their browser, which is, well, everyone.

7. Swagger Wagon

Advertiser: Toyota Sienna

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Why It Works: One of the best ways to find an audience online is to know exactly who you’re looking for — and then make them feel good. Toyota and its ad agency did both with a video that makes any parent in search of a minivan feel cool and hip.

8. There’s A Soldier In All Of Us

Advertiser: Activision

Ad Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

Why It Works: Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel join us regular folk (the concierge, short-order cook, businesswoman) in playing real-life soldiers in this spot for Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops” video game. The video’s inclusive message does a great job showing us the new game is for everyone.

9. Write the Future

Advertiser: Nike Football

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Why It Works: This epic video takes you through make-or-break moments of three soccer greats and how their lives change either way. Shot by Mexican director Alejandro Inarritu (“Babel”), it got millions of web views in its first week and was a great promotion for both the FIFA 2010 World CupWorld Cup and Nike.

10. Master of Business Card Throwing

Advertiser: Samsung

Ad Agency: The Viral Factory

Why It Works: Viral video trick ads are dated, but this execution for Samsung’s new digital camcorder makes you want to toss business cards for a living. You can’t watch it without trying to do it yourself, or at least film it. Hopefully with a Samsung Digital Camcorder H205.

Luego de ChatRoulette puede que necesites un exorcista

19 08 2010

La productora Lionsgate se las ingenio y tuvo una divertida idea: Llevar su última película TheLastExorcism a la vida real usando ChatRoulette.

Miren aquí las reacciones de algunos pobres incautos:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ADVERTENCIA: En verdad, meterse en ChatRoulette es lo último que puedo recomendar a no ser que quieran estudiar Urología o no tengan vida social alguna.

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